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This site is all about sharing food with friends and family. It is about nourishing people with wholesome home cooked food and shared life. Gathering around food is a universal human experience that feeds our body and soul. Whether you are feeding your kids, hosting a dinner party, or intentionally fostering a community table this site has recipes, tips, and deeper thoughts on nourishing those around your table.


My Story

My name is Sarah, and along with my husband Adam and two boys, I am on a journey into deeper community. I am exploring what it means to live for the ‘we’ instead of the ‘me’, and how God is calling me to live my life in a way that is authentically rooted into a particular place and community.

My journey began more than a decade ago with a close group of friends in our small group. Since then we lived abroad, moved into (and out of) an intentional community, and shared our home with individuals and another family. Now we host at least one meal a week for friends and family at our table.

Food has always been one of the ways I show love, and at the center of what hospitality and community means for me. I realize that I have accumulated a good bit of skill, and wisdom, and hard-won experience when it comes to feeding people. Now I want to create space to share my knowledge and continue the conversation about the ways in which we nourish each other with shared food and life.

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